The Mystical Costa Rican Waterfall; Nauyaca

There are moments in your life where you will stand awe- struck without knowing what to do but simply admire the beauty before you. This was definitely one of those occasions.


It had been a long morning thus far, I had woken up at 3am, so that I could be at the waterfall by 6AM. Usually it’s a long hike to the waterfall, at least a couple of hours, but today I had transport. I rode in the back of a pick up truck while the brisk morning air whipped my hair blissfully around me. I could hear birds singing in the lush forest trees, and the powerful sound of the waterfall ahead.  It was a quick ride, when the driver told me that this was as far as he could go. I hoped off, and began making my way down the canyon to the Waterfall.
It had rained recently, so there was slippery mud, and tricky loose rocks. “Damn” I say to myself, it was a cloudy morning and a tricky descent, I was worried that I was wasting time and effort. As I finally reach the bottom, I stop and gaze. I was amazed at what was before me.
The water fell with a power I had never seen before, roaring and announcing it’s presence to the universe. There was a fine mist in the air, falling like snow and soaking everything it dare touched. The cristal blue water flowed by me, and I approached it with amazement- how could water be so blue I wondered to myself.  As I begin to wade deeper into the river, I realize that the current is quite strong- I loose my footing briefly and my heart stops; “The camera!” I think to myself. I raise the camera bag above my head and begin to scoot my feet across the river, not daring to raise my feet again for fear of being swept away with the river. As I approach the other side, the sun begins to break through the clouds, and I realize that this is my opportunity to take a shot.
“Damn” I mumble again, under my breath. But this time, at the amazing scene in front of me.



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  1. It was so worth it to wake up and see the waterfall so early in the morning! You took some amazing photographs =o) I will have to add this waterfall to my todo list next time I am in Costa Rica =o)

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    1. You definitely should! It is honestly an amazing experience.

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  2. Eena says:

    Oh my goodness, Costa Rica looks absolutely beautiful! Thank you for sharing 🙂

    cabin twenty-four

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    1. It sure is! There is always something to explore here!


  3. da-AL says:

    so gorgeous! thanks for visiting my blog – especially as it’s led me to your lovely site – wishing you the best with it 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much! It’s been a lot of fun so far.

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  4. Such beautiful pictures of this stunning waterfall.

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    1. Thank you! The waterfall does a lot of the work!

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